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Skin Salvation Transformation

Skin Salvation Energy Readings + Effects on Cellulite & Wrinkles

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Do you desire clarity around a question or issue in your life and uncertain of the answer?  I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, & claircognizance Healer that easily sees and receives information on your behalf beyond the physical realm. 

When ordered, purchaser will film a 60 second video performing any activity they desire filmed to tap into your energy field. Email video to, titled Skin Salvation Integration Video.

ONE product order is equivalent to ONE question and answer with a Zoom recording of your answer to your question.

Emotional issues relevant in the reading are tied into how your unconscious emotional patterns affect your fascia recoil tension, muscle tension, unconscious expressions of your face & postures that affect the look of your skin and the pain in your body.

Product delivered to your PayPal purchase email one week after your order. 

You may purchase more than one order if you desire more than one question answered. (ie: 2 purchases=2 questions and 2 answers, etc...).

Adding Customized, Frameable Picture Print is a $49.99 additional fee for One Print. 

Choice of Black and White or Color.  

Send HD quality picture following order to Turn around one week.

HD Quality only or order will be returned.

*No returns, refunds, or exchanges.*