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Skin Salvation Transformation

Conscious Education Masterclass: Eliminate Self-Care Sabotage

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Superconcious Shift: Christopher M Duncan guiding my True Choices to Health & a Life I Love, and You can too!  Conscious Education Affiliate 
  • If you are interested in the KEY inner work & Brain Re-coding that has facilitated changing the trajectory of my life from Walker to Warrior to create my TRUE CHOICE for maximal health + a life I love, here is the program behind my MIRACLE: Join here! 
  • If you desire to try Masterclass out for a Free Trial, Join the 7 Day Free Trial for the  Conscious Education Masterclass here! 
Discover How To Recode Your Inner Blocks and Create The Life You Desire.
  • The Personal Development World Is Broken. The personal development world is focused on fixing. The truth is there's nothing to fix. Fixing leads to perpetual oscillation between your goal and moving away from your desired results.
  • You must Let Go (Recode of Memory 1 (Superconcious), Memory 2 (Subconscious), & Memory 3 (Self-Conscious) of the past and set your mind to what you desire to create vs solving another problem.
Concious Education Revolutionary New Process is the First of it's Kind. 
  • Let Concious Education show you how to tap into the power of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and autosuggestion to connect to the Superconscious aspect of every individual and release everything that was created in the past to keep you small.
  • Full disclosure: I do make a commission on your purchase of the Masterclass.