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Skin Salvation Transformation

Transform Your Beautiful, Rounder, Shapely Booty VIDEO System

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  • Medical Fascia Techniques, designed by a Leading National Non-Invasive Cellulite Expert Red Salvation, Fascia Tool Inventor, & Physical Therapist.
  • Medical Fascia Techniques to deliver you the Quickest & Safest Results.
  • Sculpt and Shape & Reverse Cellulite on your Booty FAST with multiple frequently answered questions.
  • HD Comprehensive video system.
  • Immediately delivered to your inbox post purchase.

Topics included in the Beautiful Booty Transformational System, but not limited to are:

  • Posture & Biomechanics that makes your booty cellulite worse.
  • How to Sit, Stand, & Walk that lessens your booty cellulite.
  • How to prevent volume loss using the fascia blaster.
  • How to assess if you have a superficial vs deep issue in your gluts.
  • How to create blood flow in fascia to create texture changes in skin.
  • How to assess if you are getting texture changes.
  • How to prevent volume loss in your Booty.
  • When to progress from smaller claws to larger claw tools.
  • How to use larger claw tools on gluteal muscles to shape & sculpt.
  • How to shape your Back to create your heart butt.
  • How to shape your outer thighs to shape the outer heart butt.
  • How to fascia blast your sacrum & attachments to decrease dents & dimples.
  • How to Cup Your Booty
  • How to use static and dynamic cupping to amp up your results.
  • Specialty Techniques: Getting Rid of Lines & Dents on Outer Thighs.
  • Specialty Techniques: Getting Rid of Lines & Dents on your Booty.
  • Fascia Blasting your large toe to increase hip extension biomechanics.
  • How to assess a jammed hip & 2 home techniques to daily fix it: with & without a partner.
  • Stretching your psoas & inner thighs to balance symmetry for your Beautiful Booty Shape.
  • Heartbutt Exercises for maximal girth to build your Beautiful, Round, Juicier Booty, if you follow the recommended guidelines and show up to do the work.
  • How to assess if you have a jammed hip.
  • How to correct a jammed hip at home without a partner. 
  • It IS possible to change your booty! I have changed many booties throughout my career, and it is time to learn the best & fastest way to change yours! 
  •  Skin Salvation exercise techniques are unique, valuable and super effective with slow & controlled movements to build that booty!